2013 Colorado Ice Fishing is Ramping Up and So Should You!!

You’ve reached the Colorado Ice Fishing Information headquarters, brought to you by the BMFG Network- the leader in Online Fishing Reports and Information for Colorado Fishing! Let's talk about Ice Fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir, Rifle Gap State Park and Harvey Gap State Park. If you love Colorado Ice Fishing, read our pages dedicated to Ice Fishing to learn how to push the limits of Hard Water Fishing! Our Network of Websites are built to supply Colorado Fisherman with all the best Tips, Tricks and Hot Spots on frozen lakes in Colorado. Ice fishing can offer the most productive and exciting fishing of the season! Hungry fish, lurking below the ice will always Attack well presented baits and we hope you're on the other end of the fishing line! The BMFG Networ has been Ice Fishing Colorado Bodies of Water for almost 12 years, and want to share our knowledge with this Ad Free Colorado Ice Fishing Resouce Site. Most of the information about Ice Fishing in Colorado will concentrate on the area know the Western Slope.
Did you know that Ice fishing is one of the fastest growing fishing styles in the US? Fortunately, Colorado has some of the finest waters to Ice Fish, so let's put the cold winters to good use! Our network has been ice fishing Blue Mesa, Rifle Gap, Harvey Gap and other Colorado’s lakes for over a decade we always so impressed by the abundance and quality of Fish this region has to offer. We've caught jalopy perch in Rifle Gap and Harvey Gap located in and Silt . We've fished deep for elusive Lake Trout and Kokanee Salmon on Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison Colorado . In the late Ice Fishing season, we put on our SPF and concentrate on Granby Reservoir for a spectacular lake trout bite that can go all day! Use the Resources in this site for Tips, Tricks, Hot Spots and Gear to help YOU catch more fish on your budget and on your schedule! If Colorado Ice Fishing sounds foreign to you, I can assure you it’s a safe, fun experience that will keep you coming back for more. When learning how to productively Ice Fish, you will find yourself trying new tactics of your own to catch a trophy fish in Colorado. Please read our pages, and get geared up for an exciting fishing season this 2013 winter.

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